School Science Fair Projects

Have you been looking for topics for science fair projects?

Take a look at these links for a better selection of science fair projects online. We can help you find science fair projects ideas. If you are looking for fun science fair projects and kids science experiments, we can help you find what you need. We invite you to click on any of the links below to find detailed information about kids science experiments.

So you have to do a school science fair project? Well, DON'T PANIC! Whether you are doing an elementary science fair project, or a middle or high school science fair project, your science fair experience can be both educational and fun if you follow some easy tips.

Most of the time, you will get to choose your science fair idea. That means you can pick a topic that YOU find interesting. It is a unique opportunity for you to learn about the subject, while at the same time expressing your creativity in the experiment design and science fair project display.

And don't forget that an award winning science fair project has the potential to earn you a place in local, state, regional, or even national science fair competitions where you will compete with other projects for scholarships or other prizes. Your average homework assignment definitely can't do that!

So, let's get started:


Choose a science fair project idea - (question and hypothesis)


Plan your science fair experiment


Perform the experment and make observations


Analyze results and reach conclusions


Present your project - the science fair display board



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