Science Articles for Kids

Looking for online science articles? Here you can find kids science articles on topics including physics, chemistry, biology and earth science. These articles are detailed and accurate, but easy to read and understand.

Our Products Include:

  1. Ecology and the Environment – Learn about ecology, nature, the environment, and pollution.
  2. How Airplanes Fly – Learn about airplane fight, lift, aerodynamics, airfoils, and more.
  3. Learn How Batteries Work (including lemon battery experiment) – how do batteries work, types of batteries, voltage, current & electricity, circuits & more. Make a lemon battery that really works!
  4. How does the Weather Change? – Learn what causes the weather.
  5. What’s Inside the Earth? – Understanding geology, the layers of the earth and plate tectonics.
  6. Why Are Leaves Green? – Study photosynthesis, chlorophyll & more.

Each article comes in 4 parts – A general explanation of the topic, an easy-to-read section for younger children, an advanced section covering one topic in greater detail, and simple, fun science projects demonstrating the subject.